We Help Medical Businesses Thrive
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Expert Guidance for Healthcare Business Start-Up and Management

Healthcare Business Solutions has served health and hospital systems, small and large medical practices, urgent care and ambulatory care centers, helping our clients drive growth and reach goals by using analytics to create effective strategies. We offer innovative, comprehensive assistance for a variety of essential fields, including revenue growth, operational cost reduction, finance, billing, RCM management and ASC development.

What sets HB Solutions apart is our commitment to ongoing communications, meeting deadlines and serving as the efficient right hand to our partners. By taking complex challenges and creating achievable steps to completion, we give clients the ability to achieve the clinical excellence and patient satisfaction they seek while meeting the financial and operational goals.

Key Services to Help Build Your Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business Start-Up

Whether it’s opening an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or creating a new medical practice, HB Solutions has wide-ranging expertise in virtually all aspects of medical business development.

EMR System Implementation

Trust us to design an implementation strategy for a new EHR system that can facilitate success, minimize delays, ensure accuracy, and increase user satisfaction.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle management solutions automate workflow to boost accuracy, improve documentation, manage compliance, and accelerate your cash flow.

Whether it’s opening a new medical practice, revising an accounts receivable system, or anything in-between, Healthcare Business Solutions can provide the direction and structure to build a successful healthcare organization.

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